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We've Got The Beets

One of my favorite pics on the internet are the ones that show which fruits and veggies are good for different parts of the body or systems. Did you know that plants actually look like the organs they serve? Think about it, walnuts look like a brain, celery like bones, carrots like eyes. February is Healthy Heart month, so which plant looks like the hears? THE BEET!

Drop your favorite way to enjoy beets in the comments. Feel free to make us laugh, too!

Did you know beets do all this in our bodies? +Nitrates provide long-lasting energy for enhanced cardiovascular health & exercise performance. + Iron for proper oxygen transport (reduces fatigue, improves anemia). +Betalain protects cells from damage and prevents cancer. +Fiber for healthy digestion, helping to prevent constipation, IBS, diarrhea and colon disease. +Protein essential for the growth of all body tissues. +Calcium for strong bones. +Vitamin C for wound healing, protecting against infection and keeping our immune system strong. And that just names a few! If you're like me and not going to eat beets every day, check out my favorite simple solution! If you like getting recipes and encouragement to add in more fruits and veggies, you are going to love our Inspiring Healthy Living Community private Facebook group. Drop a comment, and I'll get you added

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